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Virtualized Filter—Maximizes Hardware, Minimizes Costs

BASCOM recognizes today's growing need to provide increased computer access while operating within the constraints of a stringent, and sometimes, dwindling technology budget. To address this challenge, BASCOM is now delivering virtualized filter solutions. When a single server is dedicated to a specific application, hardware costs are increased since the appliance is often underutilized.

Virtualization provides security and content filtering on a virtual machine. This maximizes hardware by consolidating multiple applications on a single server or cluster. Virtual appliances reduce electricity costs, capital expenses, and administration since they enable multiple applications and operating systems to run on a single machine.

VM Filter Appliances Offer Scalable Solutions and Significant Savings

By streamlining solutions, support, and integration, a virtual appliance eases the burdens on System Administrators. Schools can now standardize on hardware platforms or with existing virtual environments such as VirtualBox, VMware® or MicroSoft Hyper-V optimized solutions. As their needs grow, the hardware can easily be scaled to allocate additional computer resources to the virtual machine cluster. VM filter appliances enable schools to gain significant savings through economies-of-scale, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

For easy migration, a System Administrator can easily move a snapshot of a virtual environment to a new server infrastructure. In addition to simplifying deployment and operation while also delivering economic efficiency and greater performance, backup and disaster recovery is also much quicker.

Why Choose Our Virtualized Filter?

  • Delivers the same advanced network security, mobile security, and web filtering as a dedicated appliance.
  • Simplifies deployments, migrations, and backup and restore operations.
  • Provides lower total cost of ownership by optimizing hardware usage.
  • Streamlines installations using your existing VirtualBox, VMware®, or MicroSoft Hyper-V infrastructure.