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Anywhere Filter School Mobile Internet Filtering

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Needs and Solutions for BASCOM's Mobile Content Filter

What Do You Need?


A School Mobile Content Filter that Works and Keeps My Existing Filter
Anywhere Filter™ can be used for school mobile Internet filtering on your devices when they leave the network. Then, your existing filter is used when your devices are on network. Anywhere Filter can also be configured to provide the same browsing experience as your existing filter.
Fast Access to the Web Using Minimal Bandwidth to Save Money
BASCOM Smart Access Technology provides fast, lightweight communication; since traffic isn’t proxied through a customer’s network, bandwidth is saved.
Protection of My Devices when Off-Network Anywhere Filter, a school mobile content filter, enables granular content selection using customizable categories and prevents access using personal hotspots and public WiFi.
Support for a 1:1 Program Anywhere Filter overcomes the challenges of using laptops and iOS devices off-network by successfully supporting one to one programs with school mobile filtering.
Educational Features:  
Meet CIPA Compliance Regulations Enforces your Acceptable Use Policy and meets E-Rate funding requirements.
Support Classroom Instruction Includes educationally-focused features to support learning using the Internet. Ability to create profiles to meet the needs of various staff and student groups.
Safety without Over-Blocking Provides more granular filtering by allowing another layer of customization. Flexible school web filtering enables educators to select content such as educational games, even if the game category is blocked.
Use Existing User Profiles to Quickly Enforce Content Filtering Saves time by using an existing Authentication System.
Safely Access Encrypted Sites with SSL Inspection Overcomes the risks of SSL encryption and https traffic by providing encrypted traffic management for Windows® and Chromebook™ devices. Enables students to safely access https sites for learning. Minimizes over-blocking, protects privacy, ensures compliance with a school's acceptable use policies, and provides protection.
Filter iOS Devices and Use Safari
Global Proxy Support uses standard Safari® browser. 
Use YouTube Productively for Instruction (YouTube does not currently support the use of YouTube for Schools on iOS devices.) Supports YouTube for Schools. Designed for education by focusing students; removes ads, comments and suggested videos.
Filter iOS Devices using a Browser App with Educational Features Uses Anywhere Filter browser app in place of the Safari browser. Includes educational features such as Shared Bookmarks and QR Reader.
Enforce SafeSearch for Google™, Yahoo, and Bing® Search Engines (including Cached Sites and Images) Forces major search engines into their filtered search, even if the user disables the browser setting. Prevents users from accessing anonymous web proxy sites via popular search engines.
Prevent Students from Circumventing the Filter Real-time, dynamic proxy detection prevents users from circumventing the filter using anonymous proxy servers.
Content Filtering Built Specifically for Education Ability to manage filter categories and create profiles based on age groups and subjects. Filter uses a comprehensive, education-specific URL database.
Deployment and Device Management:
Use Existing VM Infrastructure for the Content Filter Anywhere Filter can be installed in a VM environment.
The Ability to Install the Content Filter on an In-house Device Anywhere Filter can be installed on a BASCOM appliance within the organization's network infrastructure.
Quickly Deploy iOS Devices with Mobile Settings Instant Config automatically configures iOS devices with mobile filter settings.
Integrate with Casper Suite by JAMF software (iOS devices) Anywhere Filter simplifies mobile device management of iOS devices for school content filtering by integrating with Casper Suite by JAMF.
Speak to a Knowledgeable Technical Support Representative
No need to wait for help. Speak to a knowledgeable Technical Support Representative who understands the education environment and the technical components of a filtering system deployment. Available 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday EST (to 7pm by scheduling the call beforehand.)
Support for:
OS X® 10.6 or later
Cross-Platform Filtering
iOS Devices (iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® devices using iOS 6 or later)
Cross-Platform Filtering
Windows® 8/7/Vista/XP
Cross-Platform Filtering
Chromebook Notebooks
Deployed using our Anywhere Filter extension for Chromebook notebooks.