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Evaluate Anywhere Filter, an iPad Filter

Anywhere Filter combines an iPad® Internet filter and security with instructional technology. To help teachers overcome the challenges of using the Internet in the classroom, educational features are built into the Anywhere Filter—an iPad filter for Apple mobile devices.

Download and setup an evaluation copy of the Anywhere Filter today by viewing this video. Check out the many educational features to see why Anywhere Filter is the best mobile filtering solution for learning environments.

Anywhere Filter Delivers iPad Filtering for Schools

Using Anywhere Filter in schools allows teachers to focus students on Internet content so that learning is safe and productive. The many educational features built into this BASCOM solution enable teachers to quickly use the Internet to teach.


Using Shared Bookmarks on Mobile Devices in Schools

BASCOM includes educationally-focused features in its Anywhere Filter to support teachers on our mobile filter for iPad® and other iOS devices. Shared bookmarks on mobile devices in schools enables teachers to quickly get students to the correct webpage for classroom learning and homework. This feature also enables Administrators to share a list of bookmarks that can be pushed out to grades and classes.

Our Mobile Filter for iPad Devices Includes Educational Features

In addition to delivering security and filtering on mobile devices in schools, Anywhere Filter includes instructional features designed to improve the use of technology for learning. Built by BASCOM, an expert in technology solutions for PK-12, Anywhere Filter addresses both the traditional needs of IT staff and the special needs of educators tasked with using today's technology for productive learning.


QR Reader Adds Educational Focus to Mobile Filter

To make learning productive, the mobile filter browser for Anywhere Filter is built to include educational features. Anywhere Filter  browser app delivers mobile filtering while also including the functionality teachers want such as a QR Reader.

Anywhere Filter Mobile Web Filter Focuses Students

Using this QR reader enables teachers to post a QR code or hand out an assignment sheet with the code. Students use the QR Reader built into the Anywhere Filter mobile web filter for iPad® or other iOS devices to scan it, and then they are immediately directed to the webpage needed for the lesson. It is no longer necessary to type URLs, but instead students are immediately engaged in education while also keeping them safe using this iPad filter.



Bump Built into BASCOM's Mobile Internet Filter Promotes Learning

BASCOM's Anywhere Filter combines a mobile Internet filter and security with instructional technology. To help teachers overcome the challenges of using the Internet in the classroom, Anywhere Filter browser app for Apple mobile devices includes educational features.

BASCOM's Mobile Filter Includes Educational Features

Bump is another example of a built-in educational feature of Anywhere Filter, a mobile filter. As its name implies, teachers can transfer a webpage from their iPad® to another iOS device held by a student by "bumping" them together. Everyone in the class is quickly able to access the webpage needed for the day's lesson. To keep students on task and classroom learning productive, BASCOM includes educational features in its mobile Internet filter. Anywhere Filter offers more than security and iPad filtering by including many time-saving features designed for supporting instruction with Apple iOS devices.