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Anywhere Filter Now Delivers Cloud-Based Web Filtering

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A School Mobile Filter that's Easy to Use and Maintain

BASCOM's school mobile filter solutions are easy to setup and use, and they are maintained automatically.
A School Mobile Filter that Works and Allows Me to Keep My Existing Filter Add a BASCOM school mobile filter for managing web content access on mobile devices without disturbing your existing filter.
Protection of My Devices when Off-Network Enables granular content selection using customizable categories and prevents access using personal hotspots and public WiFi.
Low Cost, No Hardware, Easily Scalable and Convenient No need to buy and maintain an onsite server appliance with our cloud Internet protection.  
School Mobile Filtering that Supports Classroom Instruction Includes educationally-focused features to support learning using the Internet. Ability to create profiles to meet the needs of various staff and student groups.
Easy Management of iPad® and other iOS Devices Integrates with Casper Suite by JAMF, a leading Mobile Device Management solution.  
Easy Management of Chromebook™ Notebooks with a No-Proxy Solution
Seamless integration with the Google Management Console.  
Filter iOS Devices and Use Safari Global Proxy Support uses standard Safari® browser.   
Cloud Internet Protection Eliminates the costs of buying, deploying, upgrading and maintaining on-site hardware or software with cloud-based web filtering that integrates easily with existing network infrastructure.  
Virtualized Filter (VM) Maximizes hardware by consolidating multiple applications on a single server or cluster.  
Filter Appliance Provides the convenience of purchasing a server preloaded with software.  
Quickly Deploy iOS Devices with Mobile Settings Instant Config™ automatically configures iOS devices with mobile filter settings.
Zero-Touch Deployment of Chromebook™ Notebooks Seamless integration with the Google Management Console enables filtering policies to be easily pushed out to an individual user or organizational unit based on GAfE accounts.  
Reports for Quickly Analyzing Internet Use
Includes a comprehensive set of reports.
Speak to a Knowledgeable Technical Support Representative No need to wait for help. Speak to a knowledgeable Technical Support Representative who understands the education environment, mobile content filtering, and the technical components of a filtering system deployment. Available 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday EST (to 7pm by scheduling the call beforehand.)
Support For:      
Windows® 8/7/Vista/XP Cross Platform Filtering
OS X® 10.6 or later Cross Platform Filtering
iOS devices (iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®) Cross Platform Filtering
Chromebook™ Notebooks Cross Platform filtering